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Win-Life Insurance Agencies

Our clients are people like you. Professionals and business owners with families who need to protect their futures. And who want to work with knowledgeable advisors who will take the time to get to know them. What we do is varied. Everything from risk analysis to business succession to group benefits. But how we do it is always the same. We listen. Consult with other professionals on your team. And provide answers that work right now, and continue to work as your life and business evolve.

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Lynn Wintraub, Principal

lwintraub@winlife.ca | x. 223


Jay Wintraub, Principal

jwintraub@winlife.ca | x. 224  

Mona Aly

Life Insurance & Investments Co-ordinator

maly@winlife.ca | x. 230

Sandy Herrera

Life Insurance Administrator & Executive Assistant

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Marissa McMaster

Life Insurance Administrator & Executive Assistant

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Brenda McCutcheon


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